Our Mission . . .

To nurture the innate capacity for joy, compassion, and healing of horses and humans.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Experience moment-to-moment shifts in awareness . . .

The Power of Healing with Horses

Horses bring us to that quiet place, between words, where healing begins.

Horses are Masters of Authentic Relationship

As social beings, horses share our need for safe connection in order to thrive.


Experiential Psychotherapy

How Horses Help

There are a number of answers to the question, “why horses?”  The most obvious being that it is virtually impossible to feel neutral in the presence of the horse.  Their sheer size…

About PEP

Philly Equine Partners Founded in 2012, Philly Equine Partners embodies social worker, Brigette Potgieter’s, vision for a just world with her passion for horses, nature, and…


Becoming a Practioner There are a growing number of training programs to choose from for person’s interested in becoming a practitioner in the field of “equine assisted therapy”…

The session, with Brigette, was special in strengthening the bond between my horse and I. He is a very friendly horse and, during the session, he was interested in what I was doing and the movement I made around him. I spend a lot of time with my horse, so I know he acknowledges me and knows who I am, but I didn’t know that there was more to that. At least not on the level I saw in the session. We were more than just horse and rider and that meant a lot to me.
Bridget MHorse owner

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