Becoming a Practioner

There are a growing number of training programs to choose from for person’s interested in becoming a practitioner in the field of “equine assisted therapy.” There is no single national or international credentialing body that oversees ethics and standards of education and practice (both equine and human) in the field; so it is important that you do your homework in finding a program that will meet your personal and professional needs and values, before investing considerable time and money.

Running a viable business with horses as your partners is a complicated, multi-faceted endeavour. Make sure you get the support need!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to offer guidance and clarification about any aspect of the field.

ROOTS Institute

I am thrilled to be a founding member of this collaborative effort with colleagues Drea Bowen, Brenda Newell, and Hannah Clarke. ROOTS Institute offers a new and exciting paradigm for education and professional certification in Inter-species Equine Experiential Learning & Welfare Advocacy. A comprehensive 18-month program, which deftly integrates leading theory and practice in psychology, ethology, ecology, and neuroscience, designed to thoroughly prepare and support new and current equine experiential learning practitioners and therapists.  Launches April 2016! 

For more information on ROOTS Institute training opportunities visit

Speaking Engagements

The field of EEPL can inform many areas of study and practice – social studies, communication, veterinarian studies, psychology, social work, medicine, business/leadership, conflict resolution, parenting, horsemanship etc.

Past speaking topics have included: Attachment and Equine Experiential Psychotherapy; Mindfulness, Somatic Therapies, and Equine Experiential Psychotherapy; and EEPL Demonstration.

Learning about EEPL is an interesting professional development topic for staff meetings, professional networking meetings, board meetings etc.

Please contact me, if you are interested having PEP at your next meeting.

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